Hola! I'm Masyl

Hola! I’m a 40ish years old dad of 3 from Quebec Canada. I’ve been nerding out on the web and with tech in general since I was about 12, but more recently I’ve become a “manager” of other nerds and techies.

For a few years I’ve been fascinated with the MK phenomenon as a lurker but recently I took the plunge and bought my first Leopold (fc660m) for my birthday. Could not be happier with it!

I dont have much to show in terms of gear since all I have for now is my FC660M, but I’m no in any hurry since I have a budget limit (3 kids you know) and there are so many beautiful things out there.

Also, since I came out of lurkdom in the last few weeks, I’m working on an idea for a travelling exhibit for artisan keycaps. I posted my idead here : Interest check for a Modern Museum of Keycap Artisans

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Nice! I love my FC660M!

Are you a Habs fan? Despite my avatar I’m a B’s fan so we might be natural enemies :slight_smile:

I think I didn’t get the mandatory canadian “hockey” chip installed as a baby. And let’s say that back then the hockey crowd didn’t mix too well with computer nerds. The only real sport I actually invested in is archery and that is quite a recent thing. … ho, I was almost forgetting badminton… did a LOT of that in college, but stopped after loosing touch with my college friends.

It might be genetic… my boy hate’s team sports also!


welcome :slight_smile: nice to see some of the older folks on here - making me feel not quite so old!!

Yeah… I did notice that the geek crowd in general seems to be younger and younger every year. … and the keyboard crowd even more so.

I was hoping that Mechanical Keyboards was a fun and affordable focus for a midlife crisis, but I’m less and less sure of the “affordable” part.

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man, I hear you - my two main hobbies are keyboards and vintage cars. Right now I dread to think which have cost me more this year…

@masyl haha that’s alright! I played a lot of hockey as a kid, but then when I hit puberty I turned out skinny instead of strong so I took refuge in the computer crowd. Today I’m a mix of both :slight_smile: