Hola! Totally new at keyboards, also at forums

Hello everyone, I saw this web on youtube and I think is just what I need. I just started a couple of project for my keyboard (an iris from keebio) and I’ll need help and feedback from more experienced people.
For one side, I’m attempting to do some resin keycaps right now, and I have a lot of questions; for the other side, I’m going to start working on a wood case… also without much knowledge. I worked in goldsmithing a few years ago, but that’s it so my plan is to create a couple of topics to show my progress and read your comments.

Finally, here is a picture of my keyboard :star:

I hope you can understand my broken english


Understood it fine. Welcome to the community! Look forward to seeing your builds. Thanks for sharing.

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Glad to have you here - this is a great place to find information.

I like your keyboard!

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From the keycaps there it feels nice to have another fellow Nordic member here.

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Nice build, and welcome.

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Nice keyboard!

You are already on the nerdy side with your ortho build as I see :smiley:

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Oh! That’s intresting, this is a latin-spanish layout - kind of. I just checked on internet and It’s actually pretty similar to the nordic for these 60% or below sets. But you can tell by the Ñ that is for write in español

Am I? haha didn’t know that

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Oh, my bad. All the symbols on the number row is the same as Nordic +., -
But there is so many more number-combos in the kits I assumed this was just for the Nords. :upside_down_face: