Holy Chickies Sound test

After seeing a lack of online resources concerning the holy chickie switch, I decided hey, why not make a video of the sound! Below is a youtube link for your enjoyment to hear the sound of the holy chickie switch. The specs of the board:
KBDfans 8x with aluminum plate
67g Holy Chickie switches (unlubed switches and stabs)
DSA Granite Keycaps

I hope you enjoy the sound test, sorry for not having any pictures or video of the board in the youtube video. If you have any questions regarding the board or the switches used, please feel free to ask. I love sound and feel, and I hope that you do too!

Edit: Holy Chickies are Halo true stems inside a cherry mx blue housing


What are holy chickies?

Holy Chickies are Cherry MX blue housings with Halo true stems in them. They are meant to represent a Holy Panda switch but without spending an outrageous amount of money.

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Just like @lbassett_21 said Halo stems in re-tooled Cherry blue housings. It should also be said they are one of the closet approximations of Holy Pandas out there right now.


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I made one too the other night. Case is a TX60. Sounds quite a bit louder than yours.

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What are your thoughts on clipping the lower part of the sliders on those?
Because in single switches it feels like a must do, but that might change when using them on a full board.

And what springs did you use? the halo clear/true springs? the mx blue springs? 62? 68?

I completely agree, it is really nice if you clip the stems but as you theorized, its very hard to notice a difference inside a full board. I decided not to clip the stems (I completely forgot to be honest) and it doesn’t bother me whatsoever when typing. My favorite spring weight is 67g so I went with 67g springs from Switchtop. They feel great and I love the weight. @Ibexlord

So, you have 58g springs in there?
Or already got replacement springs?

and on your soundtest i think the plasic sound of the stem hitting the bottom housing is quite prominent, which some call the rain drop sound.

Luckily, I got my springs here and they are 67g springs, not 58g: switchTop — Custom MX Switch Springs

The reason the plastic is hitting the bottom is because I’m not much of a touch typer and I can bottom out pretty hard. Ill work on it. I just switched out the caps from DSA to ePBT cherry profile, and I can hear a huge sound difference.

Sounds pretty nice, have you used Holy Pandas yourself? How does the feel compare to them?

I have! I went to the New Jersey meetup not too long ago and typed on a Canoe with Holy Pandas and that inspired me to build my holy chickie board. They feel extremely similar and probably the closest you can get to Holy Pandas. They both have a solid, strong yet rounded bump that feels great. I would completely recommend them.

which spring weight would you recommend / did you use?

Spring weight is all up to the user. Some people love extremely light springs and some people prefer a workout on their hands. I used 67g springs because I absolutely love this weight because it isnt too light but its not too heavy. I would recommend Spirit gold springs!