Holy Greetaliaz typing test

Is the world ready for 3-switch hybrids?

Aliaz housing
Halo Clear stem
68g spring
Greetech Blue switch leaf

KBDFans Tofu 60% tray mount case
GK64 PCB and CF plate


These names are getting ridiculous lol


So how do they feel? I just finished swapping Halo True stems into my alum Clueboard that has Zealio housings in it using the 78g Zealio springs & am pretty happy with the results so far. I clipped the extra bit of plastic off the bottom of the Halo stems & lubed them with Tribsys3204. Which has them feeling buttery smooth & they are surprisingly still very tactile even though I lubed all the contact points! They’re not Holy Panda tactile, but not far from it IME. Definitely more tactile than the recent Zealio stems. Although Zeal reworked the Zealio stems & this current rd. is supposedly super tactile.

They feel good, smooth but a bit less tactile than Holy Pandas, which is OK with me; as time goes on I’m starting to prefer a more moderate tactility as opposed to the extreme tactility. They aren’t as perfectly smooth as I thought they would be, but I think that’s because you do get some added friction if you have a higher-tactility leaf and stem.

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Nice, they sound pretty good to me also. I was wondering how putting a thicker leaf into a Zeal or Aliaz housing would work. Makes sense it affects the smoothness a bit. This is something I think I’m gonna experiment with whenever I finally get my batches of Outemu Sky. I wasn’t looking forward to having to re-tool 130 of them TBH. Anyways great content as usual man! :metal: