Holy GSUS (lubed) typing test on K-type keyboard


Oh wow,
Sounds fantastic!

What did you use to dampen the sound? Shelf liner? Sorbothane?

I did this

And this

Did you clip the Halo stems? I can kinda hear the unique bottom out clack HPs are know for, but it just doesn’t sound the same to me. Maybe you sound dampening mods on the K-Type are what’s changing the sound? Definitely sounds good, just not signature HP IMO.

I didn’t clip them

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I’ll do a comparison video of Holy GSUS and Holy Pandas, once I get around to lubing my OG Holy Pandas. Seems the lubing work is never done lol…

It will be helpful I think because it will be same lube and same keyboard

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Looking forward to that! I watched it again & actually could hear the bottom out noise listening more closely. Probably just the soundproofing you did doing it’s job well! I’d definitely be curious to hear a side by side whenever you can get to it. I ended up passing on the GSUS sale cause the only batch of Halo stems I have loose right now are clipped. I did get in for 90 of the hopefully real HPs from MD though, so a side by side would be awesome! Are you getting any of the production ones to test from MD?

Not planning on joining the Massdrop drop, since I already have a bunch of Halo stems and Christmas pretty well blew the budget lol… I never expected to be able to just buy Holy Pandas!

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