Holy Milk switch typing test in acrylic split 75% keyboard

These are Holy Milk switches.

Keyboard: Wheat Field Peripherals split 75% (Ve.a inspired) from Taobao

Keycaps: Keyreative UV dyed ABS caps from ZFrontier, color H with Japanese sub-legends

Switch Housing: Gateron milky green PCB mount

Stem: Halo True Spring: Sprit 63.5g slow curved

Films: TX Keyboards switch films

Stem Lube: Christo-Lube MCG-110

Spring lube: MaxPro spray-on dielectric grease


Wow they got a nice sound to them for sure! How’s the feel compared to HP’s & variants? I’ve been thinking for a while that the Green clicky variants from most manufacturers have more aggressive leaves in them, but havent had a full batch of any to really test & confirm it with. I know the few clear Gat greens I got loose feel pretty snappy with a Halo stem & the few clear top/white bottom Greetech Greens I have feel almost more tactile than HPs themselves with a Halo stem. I have a few pre retooling Cherry Greens also which feel better than pre retooling blues with Halo stems, but not better than Holy Chickies. Not sure if the retooled greens would do better than the retooled blues here TBH.

I’m not sure either, I need to take a closer look under microscope at the milky stems from a linear vs. a clicky.

To my fingers, the linear leaf does feel less tactile with the same Halo stem though. It’s not a night and day difference like with Cherry retooled switches.

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I redid the switches to have clear gateron tops instead of milky. No more binding, they feel smoother, and I still like how they sound

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does the milky top housing make the switch unusable? because i want to get them but i would spend around 100 dollars on switches and thats pretty expensive. Thanks in advance!