Holy Panda POM Edition

Welcome to being a Canadian. This is what it’s like ordering from the U.S., all the time.

Anyway, according to the video I saw, these basically feel like HPs, but have a lower-pitched and less-clacky sound. This could be a positive or a negative, depending on your preference.


As a Canadian who moved south, can confirm. You other 'nucks should try it. The weather’s good, the eatin’s fat and the livin’s cheap. As long as you can stomach the partisan politics, it’s great to be a yank. Although I do miss BC. No place like it. :heart:


I mean I should wait until reviews to talk shit, but I have a hard time these will be worth even the $1 per even if shipping was free

from Cascadia, can confirm, BC is lit

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In this video:

There are typing tests after 2:13:00 or so.

Including the POM Pandas vs. regular HPs.


Used to live in Vancouver WA!

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Nice! I grew up in Seattle, and my mom lives in Portland these days. California is nice and all but I definitely miss it up there sometimes.

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Ok, great comparison. I feel like one of the first things that drew me to hps was the popping sound. It is incredibly unique. If that is annoying to you, maybe you’ll like the holy pomdas. I will probably pass on them myself as they now just sound like other tactile switches, not at all bad, just, don’t need more hps, or tactiles for that matter.


Oh what if the “Halo style” stem is smoother, that’d be shwiggity. Otherwise there’s gonna be lots of knock off Halo stems being sold on mechmarket.

I ended up getting the YOK mint pandas and some halo clears. I will attempt my first switch lubing and filming making them into holy pandas.

I will admit I am a bit bummed I didn’t get in on the Everglide oreos.

Could have made Mint Oreos. :thinking:

Seems like maybe we get another holy panda version from another vendor:



I have little doubt that will be a decent switch - but at this point I think Holy Panda variants are approaching dead horse territory. Ah, I guess that’s totally natural and would probably be a bigger surprise if it didn’t happen. At least a bunch more mainstream customers will get to try something novel compared to what might usually come with a GMMK.

I think this is true only to the extent that their pricing at the moment is bonkers. I think if the price of HPs could drop considerably they’d find renewed popularity :thinking:

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Has anyone already received the switches? I am curious about the experiences made, because I want to be part of the next round.

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I did receive my order a few weeks ago.

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and how they feel?

Still waiting for my HP POMs to ship from deskhero -_-

Still can’t believe I forgot to get in on this when it was happening 🤦

I haven’t mounted them yet. I am waiting on a kit to put them on. Just in my hand they feel really similar to zeals. I will be lubing these just like my other switches.

IMO it’s the important mod you can do to change the feel because the break-in period of switches is too long. I have some zilents that I didn’t lube in one of my boards and took 6 months to hit “lube smoothness”.

looking forward to your review then