Holy Panda X Force Curve Graph: Manufacturer vs Reality

Switch: Holy Panda X
Link: Drop Holy Panda X Mechanical Switches - 5 Pin - 35 Pack | Mechanical Keyboards | Keyboard Switches


  • Designed by Drop
  • Produced by Gateron
  • Top housing material: Polycarbonate
  • Bottom housing material: Nylon
  • Stem material: POM
  • Spring weight: 60 g
  • MX-compatible
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Available in 5-pin and 3-pin options

Force Curve Graph by Drop

Force Curve Graph by Manofinterests (3 sample tests overlayed)


A bit lighter but it did stay true to it’s curve, how do they compare to other tactiles?

Yeah this seems to be my understanding as well, spring weighting is usually not very consistent on gaterons and the data seems to support it.
It is very cool though that more people are doing switch force curves now.

Which other tactiles would you like them compared to?

Got any taro ball and/or pewter switches?

Well the switches I’m most familiar with tare the U4Ts, Tecsee Purple Pandas and Akko Lavender Purple, so if you have any of them it would be nice to know how do they compare.

But mainly I’m interested to know if they made any improvement regarding leaf ping/chatter, the sound it terrible to my ears and even the U4Ts suffer from it to a degree.

Unfortunately neither of either

Are the U4Ts the same as boba switches? I have those :thinking:

I think they feel like a less intense Zealios V2. I wouldn’t mind to see the data on that. Also, thanks for the measurements.

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if that’s the case, how do they compare to a Gateron Kangaroo?

U4Ts are one of the now 4 or 5 Boba variants; I’d put it in the same realm as Holy Pandas in terms of being a strong tactile that bottoms-out on a long pole. They’re the mustard-stem ones (or all-black from 3DKeebs).

Anywho; I’d be happy to send you one along with a Taro Ball and Pewter to measure if you like.

Just got my switches today and I have to say I like the sound of my lubed U4Ts better. Gonna try and lube the HPXs this weekend to see if they sound any better.

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what about the feel. Do you like the bump? how does it compare to the U4Ts?

Feels pretty similar and I do like the bump but sound is as much, if not more important.

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I don’t have many of the recent tactiles in bunches, but if you want to see a comparison, it honestly might not be a bad idea to offer to send a few to Huey to test/compare.

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Just finished lubing the stems and sliders with 3204 and the springs with Hoppes No9 and they feel/sound much better. I would likely put them on par on both the feel and sound as the lubed Boba U4T’s I replaced them with. They also fit tighter in the 4.79mm brass plate. Overall, I would recommend these switches to someone looking for a decent feeling and sounding lighter tactile, which the caveat that they do need to be lubed.

Ask and ye shall receive:



That’s very helpful. So the bump on the Holy Panda X is much more rounded and less of that “drop off a cliff” feeling for sure!

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Got a quick typing clip for anyone interested. This is in a Planck with a 4.79mm thick brass plate in the Typeau40 case, tape mod between pcb/case and pcb/plate. Keycaps are MT3.



It’s very rounded which is nice. I think it needs a two-stage or long boi spring though because it could use a stronger return in my opinion. It gives me the same experience as Zealios V2 or BOX Jades where they feel a bit stuck at the bottom when you’re typing at speed, and you have to be more deliberate about picking your fingers up off of every stroke.


How’s the leaf ping? I prefer tactile switches but can’t stand leaf ping, particularly the one that sounds like spring crunch, if that makes sense.

Even the U4Ts suffer from it, and they’re the better tactiles in the market.