Holy Pandas or Glorious Pandas?

Been looking for a tactile for my nk65 and had narrowed it down to one of the pandas. I know there’s been all sorts of drama around these switches, but I’m not sure which one has reigned supreme.

Drama aside, word in the street is the Glorious Pandas are really good!
Personally I can attest the Drop Holy Pandas have a high failure rate and the lube on the 2nd batch sucked. I’ll be picking up some Glorious Pandas soon to try myself.

If we’re talking stock switches (i.e. not frankenswitching your own Holy Pandas), I’d probably point you towards the GP’s.

Less that one is better or worse - they’re both fine switches - more that Drop doesn’t have a good track record with their Pandas when it comes to lube consistency.

I’ve heard one bump is more sharp and one is more smooth, but they’re both high-tactile switches with good overall reputations. I say get the one that will ship to you the fastest for the least money.

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Quakemz said it’s the best iteration of HPs.

To me the insane thing is that I could walk into a physical shop and buy them today if I wanted to. Might have to pick some up just because of that.

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Lucky, wish I lived by a brick and mortar shop.

Speaking of Drop Holy Pandas…



Wow, Droop. Really?

This is one of those things that’s generally shocking and yet par-for-the-course at the same time.

I wish I could be a fly on the various walls in Drep’s offices and manufacturing facilities they contract. Was this a series of very careless mistakes - and/or was this state of things quietly greenlit by some QC person at Djürp? Just curiosity on my part (zero interest in witch-hunting) - I’m a systems and organizations type of guy, and whenever I see a system or organization fail in some way, large or small, I’m always curious where the weak link may be - and what might be learned from it.

Oh, Messdump. I don’t think you’ll ever change.

and cant forget

I think that you have summarized it perfectly, they really have been known for this kind of thing. Then they sell a few good things, and then get right back on the train of poor QC.

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lmao that’s pretty damn bad

My Drep holy pandas havent had any issues in my batch of 70 but that sucks.

I would still rather build my own over any pre-assembled version

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yeah, I wish invyr switches were still being produced. Great frankenswitch though.

I put my review out here on the matter of Holy Pandas or Glorious Pandas


Been using the Drop HPs in the Brutal60 and Planck without any issues for the last 5-6 months. I did pull all them apart and lube the springs, sliders, and stems though.

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I was not expecting that at all. You’ve convinced me to get some.

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Wasn’t expecting any more replies to this thread but awesome video!

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