Holy Pandas vs. Holy GSUS Typing Sound Comparison in Same Keyboard

Here is a side-by-side comparison of these two hot Frankenswitches in the same keyboard. This should help you compare the sound of the two.

The recordings were taking in the same keyboard, with same mic positioning. I recorded first with the Holy GSUS then swapped the switches to Holy Pandas and recorded again.

The Holy Pandas are using the Invyr Panda housing and spring with Halo True stem.
The Holy GSUS are using GSUS housing and spring with Halo True stem.

Both batches of switches were lubed the same way:
Krytox 205g0 on the lower housing and switch top
Tribosys 3203 on all parts of the switch stem
Dielectric grease on the springs

The keyboard is an Input:Club K-Type which has had foam and caulk added to the case to make it less noisy, and has clipped and lubed stabs. The keycaps are mostly the stock K-type keycaps with a few novelties.


Sounds same:thinking:

the gsus sound hollow.


I think the GSUS sound a very tiny bit deeper, although overall they sound very similar to me. That said I’m listening to it through speakers of my monitor so I’m sure the differences are more discernible through a better audio setup.

I think the audio gain from your side @Walkerstop needs to be turned but a smidge for us to tell a bit more discernible differences, but gosh darn are they close.

Do you notice the upstroke difference any?

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I didn’t notice the difference in feel TBH but the way I type I tend to lift my fingers quickly after keystrokes, I wonder if that makes a difference

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