Holy Poli

A while back I asserted in a few places that I thought Polias were just periwinkle Halos with a different spring - but I didn’t really provide anything besides my impression there. I had some switches open and thought it as good a time as any to try and verify that with a bit more certainty - or debunk it.

Well. I fiddled and photographed, and came away with the same impression. I’ll share with you what I found here, starting with some comparison photos of the stems:

Side by side, the similarities are clear.

Any differences I can see take squinting; I’d bet they’d pass each-other’s spec tolerances.

Just looking at these fuzzy photos complete with traces of carpet yarn, what do you guys think?


Close race. I can’t see any difference outside of color. I thought the poles might be varied, but same.


In the middle pic the Polia stem seems to have a sharper bump, but beyond that they look identical in the other pics. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these are made from the same molds as Halo stems.


Honestly, I’m just excited to have a Halo stem recolor, at least it’ll help mix up the color combos for Yok “holy pandas” if they’re pretty much the same.


Def. I especially like these in the Red housings.


Hello hello - with a humongous thanks to @Pylon, I have some new information to add here:

What I see in this graph matches what I can see on the stem itself; the biggest difference is a smidgen of extra pole-length on the Polia.

Looking closely at the photos above, you might see the area past the bevel is a little different. There’s also a difference in the beginning of the bump that’s so slight it might be margin of error - whether that belongs to production tolerance, measurement equipment, or eyeballs.

As far as the force curve is concerned - I expected them to be close, but after seeing graphs comparing the stems in their own housings, I didn’t expect them to be this close.

They’re like the Mario Twins (they are so gott daym the saym persone)

This makes me think the leaf profile might be a hair different in the Polia housings to make its bump measurably longer than the Halo’s.

See, this is what keeps me in the hobby - every answer uncovers a new question - and even though the direct answer is only about this or that product, it may also yield an answer about making better experiences. Besides, puzzles are fun!


They’re like the Mario Twins (they are so gott daym the saym persone)
(I’m sorry I saw my chance and had to take it)

Although dang that chart is really close. I think I’m going to continue to make Poli pandas over Holy pandas since I managed to buy a good number of Kaihl Polias from Novelkeys. That and I like the color of the stem more than the halo stem >.>