Hot air station

I’m thinking about picking up a hot air station for small component repair/assembly.

Does anyone have an option this:
YIHUA 959D-Digital Hot Air Rework Station, High Power with 3 Memories, Airflow Efficiency, °F /°C Display, Accurate Temp.(212°F~932°F), Brushed Aluminum Panel & Safety Features

Also, any recommendations for flux type/brands?

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I personally have this model

Yours is very similar, it should also be ok.
If you want to keep it a long time, you have to lett the blower cool off before switching it off after use. People have reported problems of burnt melted plastic otherwise.

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I have some of the no clean flux paste, but I assume the rosin based flux probably is easier to work with, the downside being you have to clean up afterwards. Any opinions?

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Yes, I have some and it is very effective.
But this brown liquid is making things quite messy afterwards :smiley:

I use a combination of this and also no clean flux (in a siringe). The no clean stuff you also need to clean with alcohol afterwards but it creates mich less of a mess.

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I got one of these:

Deleted my comment since I posted a hot air rework station, but started talking about my solder sucker.

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What does it clog with? Isn’t it just blowing hot air? It looks like that model is easier to hold, for sure. Is that because the air fan comes from the base instead of the part you hold?

Fergive me. I r the dumb.

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Oh I see. You can use it as a sucker too? I already have a hakko desoldering iron with a pump for that, but more than one tool is always nice.

Forgive me. I am tired today.

No, this one is strictly a hot air rework station. No vacuum at all, just a blower, a variety of tips and some speed control.

I need to go to bed. :face_in_clouds:

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my recommendation: (new) (old)

both are on my shopping suggestions list:

I like those specific models because it has a fume extractor on the iron… plus hot air.

I know it’s not only hot air, but it has it all at once :smiley:

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