Hot Swap Pad torn off, I want to bridge it but don‘t know how

Hey there, I managed to tear off the hot swap pad and I want to bridge it but I don‘t really know how and where. There was a connection to the diode, can I just solder in a little wire to that?

Thank you guys in advance!


Probably. Your image link is a 404

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Oh, I‘m sorry. Let‘s try that again.

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bridge from that hotswap arm to the diode below it. Not sure which side, you can test easily with some tweezers. Use a small wire, or heck… it looks like you could run a solid wire if it lines up good enough. Something like the leg of an led if you have one on hand?

Source: I had to do this with 2 switches on my M60-A :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile: I‘ll try that tomorrow and keep you updated!

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Had to to try it immediatly and it worked :slight_smile: Thank you a lot!


good to hear!

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I don’t really know how you exactly tore off the socket pad, but here’s a tip from a beginner that I learned about watching and reading lots:
Grab you hotswap sockets when you push your switches in. I mean, as you push the switch in from the top, use the other hand to hold the socket from below. Tearing sockets off is pretty easy if the clamping pressure of the contact in the socket is high and the fit is tight. Instead of the switch going in, the socket will be torn off.
Glad to know the bridging worked!

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Good advise for sure. It’s a pain to have to open up hotswap boards to get at the PCB, but it does help to keep from breaking sockets off.