Hotswap PCB with top-mount case

I’ve been wondering … does a hotswap PCB make any sense in combination with a top-mount case?
Because in a top-mount the PCB isn’t fixed to the case, it’s the soldered switches hanging off the plate holding it in place… so it doesn’t seem like there would be enough support for the PCB to push the switches in.

The reason I’m asking is I own a CU-80 which I really like as a giant switch tester, I can try out new switches and see if I like them before commiting to a soldered build.

However, the integrated plate design of the case is killing me. So I’ve been toying with the idea of putting the PCB into another case - top-mount should be the easiest to fit since there’s no need to align any holes on the PCB, only the USB port needs to be in the right place. But I’m not sure if it would work with hotswap?

It’s doable, the only problem is pcb mounted stabs. The plate/pcb assembly won’t be as sturdy as a soldered board. You can add something under the pcb to support it; keep it from moving downwards from stabilizers/pushing new switches in.

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Depends on the hotswap socket friction I think. Kailh hotswap socket may not work but I had a Plank with cylinder-style hotswap socket that worked without a problem and its lone 2U stab was fine. Plank wasn’t a top-mount but it also had the PCB hanging off the plate.

It may work if you filled all the space below the PCB with foam. If you can’t find the right height foam, try one of those moldable foams like Foam-Mo. They take a day to harden but the result is similar to EV foam.

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