Hotswap Sockets

It would make a good “Yes, but is your case this see-through?” vid at the very least…

Jokes aside, I agree that it isn’t really worth the hassle. Just meant it as a joke because hot dam he paints alot!

There are also some full-metal sockets. For example, the Simpler 60 (in GB) is making use of it

This same style can also be found on certain prebuilt boards such as RK-G68 (My First Custom Keyboard | RK-G68 Build - YouTube)


I think these metal sockets with a coating of rubber or plastic would be the most ideal solution. Then you get the extra toughness of an all metal socket, without the possibility of it shorting itself out on the case.


I’m about to solder those millmax sockets but I’m still deciding whether I should go with solder or solder paste. Any tips on soldering using the solder paste? Do I just brush on the solder paste on the socket before putting it into the pcb? Or putting it into the pcb then brush solder paste on the socket and pad? It Hopefully it doesn’t sound too silly. :slight_smile:

Those will be as strong as the pads on the PCB, meaning that if you lift a pad you are in the same position as with Kailh hotswap sockets.

Buuuuut those have two pads per socket and you need one socket for each switch pin, and that means that this solution is at least 2 times sturdier than the Kailh solution because at least 2 times pad area on the PCB :wink:


I go with thin solder for milmax. And solder paste for holtite sockets


I put together this chart a while back for mill max. Imma just leave this here for the new folks.

Another good resource has been Mill Max hotswap sockets 0305 vs 7305 vs Holtite