How close is color of stock white realforce keycaps to Norbaforce K2?

I managed to find some images on google and instagram, but on some images color of stock white keycaps look very close to K2 finish and on other K2 looks much whiter. I was wondering how does it look in person.
Maybe it’s just the lighting or maybe I’m thinking Mark II is a little whiter than Mark I ?

Background: currently I am trying to decide between Aperture and K2 finish.

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i wouldn’t consider the realforce caps white. they are beige, and look even more so when they are on those two norbaforce finishes which are cool toned (IMO).

indoor lighting aperture:

indoor lighting k2:

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Thanks a lot for the images.
Actually I would say that Realforce keycaps are off-white (darker white). An example of beige keycaps would be Leopold fc980c. (Difference can be seen when they are side by side in the same picture, it’s hard to notice if looking at separate images from different cameras and lighting conditions.)
About K2: if it’s off-white or biege that would align with my taste, as I don’t like true white.
About aperture: I am fortunate enough to be owning two Realforce keyboards, a black and a white one. Aperture goes perfect with black so I would use that one if I go for it. The thing is I prefer using the white keycaps for better legends visibility and those keycaps go better with K2.

Maybe my original question could be put like this: is K2 off-white, slightly biege or true white?

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I’d say the colors depicted in the heavy-9 product page are about as close as you’re going to get to their true color IRL. The K2 is very white.

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Thanks @rooski15
Do you confirm this from person experience? I was affraid that K2 is closer to true white and I was hoping for confirmation from a K2 owner.

Yes, I own a k2 heavy-9.

This phone cools is things off a little, but this photo is pretty close to what I see on my heavy-9 (please ignore the dust).

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Thanks a lot, that’s very helpful!
Although generally I don’t like true/very white, I must say this looks awesome and I like the moderate contrast between the keys and the case. I’m using a realforce, but if had a biege FC980C then K2 would be my first choice. I also love the different case design of the Heavy-9, so much that I was even thinking of getting a FC980C just for it. The only thing that stops me (other than cost) is the layout, which is not bad at all, I just happen to prefer TKL.