How do I generated firmware for a onehanded Minidox?

I have a lefthanded Minidox keyboard I use as a gamepad. The old Promicro usb port broken, so I replaced it with a newer one with USB-C, but I’m not sure were to get firmware for just one side. When I go to the QMK Configurator, it just spits out one hex file. I was expecting two files.

I just had a look at my last Charybdis FW as I was not sure anymore, but that should be correct. I also only have one file for the Charybdis. Though I am using a RP2040 MCU with the according crazy ammount of space.
But I also just compiled a FW for the CRKBD without any converters for other MCUs locally and also got a single .hex file, so you should be fine.

Ok, thank you. Ill give that a shot tonight.

That worked. Not even sure how it knows which side it is. The jumper that you solder for when you setup left and right side pairs are blank.

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