How do you straighten your stabilizer wires?

It seems that slightly bent stabilizer wires can cause spacebar ticking. How do you all straighten your stabilizer wires? I’ve seen Wildcat put the wire on a phone screen/metal surface and tap to see if it’s straight, but how do you bend it afterwards without making the situation even worse?


Personally I just buy a lot of stabilizers so I have extra wires to replace the non-flat ones. Not a great solution but as you alluded to, every time I’ve tried to make one perfectly straight it just makes things worse.

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To detect if stab wire is bent, put it on a flat surface and tap each end. If it teeter-totters, its’ bent. To fix that, grab both ends then twist gently. Return to step 1 and repeat til teeter-tottering is all gone.


I tried this recently, and the wire was tough! It was 2u, so maybe that makes a difference. I was not able to have an effect, I think I would likely need to grab some pliers. Needed up just grabbing a different wire from the pack.


Personally I’ll just hang one side of the wire over the edge of a table & slowly torque it till I get it flat. It’s kinda tedious cause you DO NOT want to overbend it, so you give it a little torque, check it, then repeat till you got the wire straight.


I’ve seen :3ildcat do it with large plastic syringes, but I’ve also seen someone else use what looked like pliers with some kind of dampening pads covering the clamping surface to avoid gouging the wires.

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I just use my table. Works well enough to not have issues.

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