How do you tilt?

  • Positive tilt
  • Negative tilt
  • Tilted to the left
  • Tilted to the right
  • Split tilted outwards
  • Split tilted inwards
  • Flat as a pancake!
  • I don’t want one position, I want all positions!
  • Other (Please specify in the comments)

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Multiple choice for multiple reasons. :smile_cat:

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I’m often tilted a little to the side because of a cat butt on my desk.


I used to think ~5 degrees was about right for me but I’ve found recently that I also enjoy more to completely flat.


Positive tilt while working laid back. Negative tilt while working standing up.


Same for me, the less angle the better.


For sure. Laying back with a flat board kinda hurts my hands if I’m too stretched out. 5 degree builds are my favorite.


Mine curves to the left slightly :flushed:


Nice reference to the 5th Element BTW :wink:



What caps do you use, if I may ask?

Pretty much only cherry profile anymore.

How would you guys feel about a keyboard with a slotmachine style lever on the rightside that allowed you to transition it from flat to positive angle?

Sounds gimmicky.

Not the lever as you are describing, but it does have the ability to change angles at stops between 6 and 14 degrees.

Round two is currently in IC.

Sounds like I am an outlier in the tilt category as well. I prefer positive tilt of no less than 7°. I have a few flater boards & some of them I use as is, but I’ll find myself stacking bumpons & adhesive backing to raise them to my desired height. I use mostly Cherry profile caps with some SA thrown in unless it’s an ortho board. Then for some weird reason I prefer low uniform profiles like DSA & XDA? I still like my ortho & splitboards just positively tilted as well. Haven’t ever gave tenting a try, but I’m not huge on split boards in the first place.