How heavy/fatiguing are the Boba U4s 62g?

I currently have both Gateron Pro Browns and Cherry MX Blues. I am considering buying Boba U4s 62g but I am a bit afraid of them being too fatiguing. I find the Gateron Browns to be too light. The Cherry Blues are fine, weight wise.

What do you have to say regarding the Boba U4s 62g?

I haven’t tried the switches per se, but having used many 60-65g switches I consider them the perfect weighting, neither too light nor fatiguing.

Then again, that’s entirely objective, but if you think Gateron Browns are too light I think the 62g U4s will be great for you.

I think it entirely depends on what you’re used to and how you plan to use them. For reference, I pretty much exclusively type on an HHKB w/ stock 45g domes nowadays. But Boba 62g is probably my favorite MX style switch.

I have used Bobas in two builds.

In my top-mount brass-plate build:

  • Boba U4 feels sharp and snappy
  • I develop fatigue during long typing sessions, but no issues in short bursts

In my polycarb gasket-mount build:

  • the tactility feels slightly reduced because the gasket-mount softens the typing experience
  • I think the actuation force feels quite similar to Topre
  • I do not experience typing fatigue at all

In general I also find that higher profile keycaps like MT3 slightly reduces the actuation force compared to Cherry.

If you’re already acclimated to typing on heavier tactile switches, Bobas will feel fine. If you’re more accustomed to typing on light and/or linear switches, there might be an adjustment period, but I think it’s totally manageable.

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Both the Gateron Brown and the Cherry MX Blue are lighter than the 62g Boba U4, and this is having tried all three switches. So, you’ll have to get used to the U4s slightly heavier weighting.

The U4 will also be significantly more tactile than both switches.

Comparing the force-curve of the Boba (68g!) with the Blues, it seems like the bobas are actually lighter than the cherry mx blues? What gives?

It seems like, for some reason, I can’t include links in my posts. But if you search for “github bluepylons/Open-Switch-Curve-Meter”, and then ctrl+f “boba” and “blue”, you’ll find it.

I’m sure this is what you mean? Correct me if I’m wrong.
Boba 68g
Cherry MX Blue

I suspect its to do with the tactile bump at the very start of the travel for the U4 which takes more initial “work” to get over the bump (from 0 to around 65), whereas the MX Blue starts its tactile bump around the halfway point at roughly 50g and tops around 70g, so there’s less work to get over this bump which gives it a lighter feel, even if it does look heavier on the force curve.

I guess it’s a bit like Topre 45g and the Cherry MX Brown. Both of which are rated at 45g, but the Torpe switch feels heavier (it’s closer to a 65-70g in an equivalent MX switch design imo).

Yes, those are the graphics I meant. Ah, I see what you mean. You are basically saying that the integral of the force-curve graph, calculated between 0 and the actuation point, is greater for the Boba, when compared to the blues. Hence, the Bobas feel heavier. This makes sense.

Bobas are noticeably more ‘resistant’ than MX [and Gateron] Browns while typing. Feels close to 45 G Niz domes.

If you think Gateron Brown is too light, U4 Boba may be more to your liking.

Don’t know how it compares to MX Blues, but I would say U4 is between BOX White and BOX Jade in tactility.

U4 are more fatiguing over time [and in short bursts] than MX Brown. Kind of like stock MX Clears. But you can tune U4. 62 G is actually a middle-weight that’s probably close to MX Blue.

You can buy U4 Boba at 55 G, and they are noticeably lighter. [Like MX Brown weight, but a larger ‘bump.’] It’s a little borderline, you’re better off inserting 57 G 16mm springs [you should be lubing the springs anyways.]

Upside is that U4 Boba doesn’t need to be lubed [except springs, ideally], although a light lubing according to the official guide can help.

I prefer light tactiles and don’t type on U4. I type on modified OUTEMU Silent Sky or Silent Lime tactiles, which are between Brown and Ergo Clear in tactility. But U4 will give you that extra push if Browns aren’t cutting it for you.

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Also, Cherry specify the accuation force of the switch while everyone else uses bottom out. Maybe that confuses you a bit.

Boba U4 in 55g weight would be perfect IMO, though I cannot buy them in EU it seems. I could spring swap, but that starts to become both cumbersome and expensive. I’d have to buy lube and springs + shipping. Though, if I find the 62g too heavy, I think I will have to do just that.

At this point, the consensus/facts is that Boba U4s are noticeably heavier than both browns/blues. I think I will just have to try and see if I can get used to them…

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Now an additional question:

  • Should I go for Boba U4s 62g Clear Top or Pearl Top? Other than RGB-related, are there any differences (sound, feeling, etc)?

If you gonna lube them, the springswap won’t be bothersome.

And when it comes to Cherry/Gateron’s clear top switches they tend to sound a tad worse. But that’s subjective to…

According to Gazzew himself (on reddit, can’t post links) for U4s neither the sound nor the feeling are affected by clear/pearl choice.

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