How many keyboards do you really need?

The answer is at least 10, I know that…


Without a doubt, there is no limit to how many you need. I’d say one a day. Does it HAVE to be a new one each day? Nah. But, it could be…

I’ve discovered an interesting phenomenon now. I have so many keyboards that I have forgotten about some of them over the months and years. I made a list recently so I can look over it to see what I have at a glance. Next step would be to categorize by form factor.

What about keycaps? I have at least 4 sets of keycaps per every board I own. How many of those do you need? And switches? I’m into the thousands of unused switches layout around.

No limits. I WANNA GO FAST

Ha, just kidding. The answer is exactly 1.


That moment when you have 20 mason jars of switches and only one build…


N+1, where N = the number you have. :wink:


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I see your n+1=n and raise you an n^n=n :rofl:

I have a list of three or four keyboards (plus one that don’t exist, yet) that I want and probably would settle for if I get. Same goes for keycaps.

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You know you’re deep in the community when you want a keyboard that doesn’t even exist yet… :rofl:


I have shelves next to my desk for displaying my boards, and I was like “okay there’s enough for like, 8-10 if I display them all horizontally that’s more than enough” and it’s just gotten kind of out of control and now they’re being displayed vertically… It’s like my brain is working against me by coming up with ways to keep fueling this hobby :laughing:


I know that I need at least two on my desk at any one time, because I need a fallback for when I decide to change something on the one I currently use, and make a mistake and break something…


But then of course you need a fallback for the fallback…

I need two for sure. One as my main board and the other as a backup that I would hope to never touch…but you know…I like to try out all sorts of keyboards.

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Well said

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I can’t justify owning more than 3 usable boards. Probably going to sell my Anne Pro 2 and FC980M once I get a certain Tokyo Press keyboard in the mail…


In my opinion, unless they are identical, I can justify multiple boards just for the fact that they offer a slightly different experience. Wallet torture at its finest.

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hmmm… 1 or -1 keyboards???

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Or, 1 - -1 keyboards…

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As long as the keyboards are having very productive use, I think it’s worth it. For eg, 1 in the office, 1 at home. Or 1 that’s Bluetooth and mobile if you hotdesk at work

As many as your wallet will take. There’s no hoarding in keyboards!


N+1 is correct