How Often Does This Case Restock?

I want to get the KBDfans Tofu 60% aluminum keyboard case but the color I want (black) is sold out. How often do they restock these items? Thanks!

You could ask on their discord.

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Do you have your heart set on a 60%?

Because they are having a spot sale for 500 units of the Tofu 65% aluminum cases very soon. They expect them to be available on July 15th.

I’m not completely 100% sure on 60% keyboard but I already added up the prices for everything and it would just be a minor inconvenience to re do it but I’ll look into it. Thanks!

The case I want has restocked and I’m very happy, but I’m not going to get it for a while so I would like to know how often they restock Incase it goes out of stock again. Thanks again!

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I did and sure enough, got the answer I needed. Thanks so much!

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