How to clean Deskpad / Mousepad

Anyone have any hot tips on how to clean these awesome deskpad and mousepads we collect? I have a Rama deskpad I would love to return to it’s original glory.


First, a clean dry cloth/towel to wipe down all the crustiness. Then a dampened, atomically hot cloth to clean it. Vertically at first, then horizontally. It might be best to go with a cloth similar to the color of your mat. If you notice a stain or two at this point, spot cleaning it with an even damper and hotter towel always does the trick for me. I’ve been able to clean up things like Krytox spills and anything my coffee cup leaves behind.


I wash mine like clothes; cold wash and tumble only or low heat dry.


this and i also put it in a garment bag. lay flat to dry.


Similar to what’s above:


Soap? Sorry, silly question but legit curious.

Just regular detergent for washing clothes. I use Tide, and a few sprays of Shout if there are stains I want to get rid of.


I wash mine about every three weeks. Gets dirty under my mouse hand. I’ve washed this same one about 6 times now with no issues at all.

I lay it in the shower and use laundry detergent (small amount) on a microfiber cloth. I scrub it with warm water and the detergent filled rag fairly hard. Then I rinse with the shower head until all the soap is gone.

Hang with a department store type pants/shorts hanger (the one with 2 clips) from the shower head for a day.

Takes about 5 minutes to make it like new. About 2 hours or so to dry. But I have extras I use while it dries overnight.


@ajoflo tide pods seemed okay.


If it is just dust and dirt and not a stain I would recommend trying a lint roller first before actually washing. You would be surprised at how much stuff can be lifted off the surface.

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