How to source good quality spare screws?


Sorry for the silly beginner post, but I’m really frustrated and just cannot find where to buy new, good quality screws of the size you use to attach a standard PCB and case.
When I say quality I mean something like the screws that come with GMK Stabs, with a nice sized head and good thread… when I measure those ones they are almost 4mm, however everything I find online is only 3mm and I’m suspecting they are basically exactly like the ones I want to replace…

Anyone can help me with this? European source would be great, but anyone that can send to europe will be very welcome :slight_smile:


You have to describe the screw thread measurement for any useful advice, not just the length.

Depending on the situation I buy my screws on Amazon or on Aliexpress, both are good sources.

Thanks for answering, I guess one of the problems is that I don’t know what is the size, when I measure them with a cheap digital tool they come at 1.7mm or 0.06 inches. However I read everywhere that the standard screws for this kind of standard 60% cases is M2 that I assume is 2mm? As you can see I’m a bit confused :roll_eyes:

Do you need screws for stabilizers or for a case/pcb? Gmk stab screws are M2x4, if you need those I can send you some for shipping!

they are for a case/pcb, but I thought they were the same size, do you guys know if that is usually the case?

Looking forward to see good sources here. I want to yank all of the case screws out of my two Tina boards because those screws suck. Bad.

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zeal sells M2x4mm screws, which are used in stabs and a lot of universal pcb/cases

I bought these off Amazon a while ago though they were $4 at the time. They have served me well to replace lost or stripped screws on tray mount cases.

Those are great options, thanks guys!
Didn’t realized zeal sold screws, I think I’ll order some next time I buy switches from them :+1:

If you can describe it accurately, then McMaster Carr probably has it for a good price. I bought all of my hardware for my IBM restorations from them.