How to straighten bent metal plate

Hi! I accidentally bent the plate on my anne pro 2. Now some stabilizers have scraping sound and feel. What is the way to make it as flat as possible? Not only one side of the plate is off.

What’s the material?

Depending on what it is, you can try and bend it back gently to straighten it. Using a vise for this would be good, or parallel pliers could also work. You can also hammer against the bend as long as you can get it on a suitably hard, flat surface.

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Steel plate

Then either approach I describe can work. I would recommend light taps to get it in shape as slamming it as hard as you can might just end up doing more damage.

Mechanical engineering says: You will need to bend it more (further away) in the opposite direction to compensate for the bend and the elastic forces. A heat treatment will also relieve forces, but might be impractical.

Maybe post a photo? I dropped a steel plate and it landed on the corner. A huge pain in the ass to get back into shape. A single plane flex in the plate is one thing. An impact compression on the side is going to take a lot more elbow grease and patience… and a hammer

I managed to straighten it with a help of a small vise. I pressed each side of a plate and tried to make it parallel to the straight side of a table to which the vise was connected. After that I placed the plate on a floor and stepped on it with my bare feet to make the center flat. At this point what was left to do is to flatten small edges which i simply pressed with the vise.
Thank you for your help guys, you are awesome!