HS60 v2


Yay HHKB layout finally!


Interesting! Would you happen to have any pictures of completed boards using this PCB?


Here you go. My very first build using HS60 v1 and a Pok3r metal case (until I get my Klippe). :blush:

P.S.: Keycaps are EnjoyPBT 9009 from KBDfans (round 2).


Sweet! Thanks. :slight_smile:


I realize supporting too many layouts with the hot swap would be pretty difficult, but I would love to see something like the main layout but with split space bars!


And now alongside the gray Klippe+:


Nice, did you already receive the PCB?


Nope, someone requested a picture of a build with HS60 v1. :slight_smile:


That Klippe+ looks nice, do you have more pics?


Sure, man! Here you go: https://imgur.com/a/rIHjjId
These pictures where taken in the night time. Let me know if you’d like pictures under daylight. I can take more tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Does anyone know when dixie mech will ship these?


Hell I’d be happy if we could get split back space & split R shift on these hot swap PCBs without having to buy the HHKB variants. Even if the installed hot swap sockets in those positions were in the normal ANSI placing & they just added the pads/holes on the PCB while tossing in some extra sockets so we could DIY our preferred layout.