HTML integration

Here is some basic HTML with buttons and javascript:

This should change colors when you click the buttons but it doesn't for me...

blue button red button

It would be cool if HTML had full integration.

Full HTML integration would create enormous opportunities for XSS attacks and I’m not sure what benefit it would create? Is there something specific you’re trying to do that you cannot currently do?

Also isn’t up to the keebtalk team; if you want this you’d be best off talking to the team that makes this forum software.

Who makes the forum software?

Discourse the platform.

I think what you’re expecting is unreasonable.

Thank you for the link.

Maybe not full integration, but at least some basic JS only in the scope of the text, without permission to access the encompassing document.

Please do some research before asking for something like that. I don’t think you are fully aware how much harm third-party script can do.

Why would this even be useful?

Who knows? I’ve experienced enough blind spots to make off-hand pre-judgements. I am just talking from developer perspective. Sites like CodePen do but the feature is essential their functionality and user scripts are sandboxed to a reasonable degree and scope of damage mitigated.

I know of no modern forum software that allows script in user content. Discourse uses a modern variant of Markdown which by nature lacks support for script in the content.

checkswatch 1998, hmm? :grin:

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Ok sorry, I was not aware of the damage it could do which is why I asked.

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No need to apologize, everyone here is quite relaxed. :nerd_face:

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I could use more smokes but, yup, no need to apologize. No one but @Manofinterests carries the whip around here. :slight_smile: