Hua-Jie AK-CN2 Alps Clones

I am running a group buy of Hua-Jie’s AK-CN2 Alps clones, also known as the “ Type T1 clone”. These are 60gf clicky switches similar to Xiang Ming’s Ducky switches.

If you need more info on the switches then here:

Deskthority wiki:

The MOQ I have to meet is at least 2,000 switches

Prices as follows:

  • Kit of 50 switches- $27.00 USD
  • Kit of 100 switches- $47.00 USD
  • Individual switches- $0.50 USD
  • Shipping/handling inside USA- $10.00 USD (Small flat rate box)
  • Shipping/handling outside USA- $40.00 USD (Small flat rate box)

I accept payments via. PayPal.

Hua-Jie has a lead time of 6-9 weeks.

This is my first group buy, so I may make a few mistakes, but I promise to do my best and resolve any problems that may arise.

Begins today (01/03/19)
Ends in 2 weeks (01/16/19)


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Prices here and Deskthority post seems to not match?
What’s changed?

Deskthority users get slightly lower prices for now.

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Will there be any spares for those who might have missed the original GB?