Hua-Jie AK-CN2 Alps Clones



I am running a group buy of Hua-Jie’s AK-CN2 Alps clones, also known as the “ Type T1 clone”. These are 60gf clicky switches similar to Xiang Ming’s Ducky switches.

If you need more info on the switches then here:

Deskthority wiki:

The MOQ I have to meet is at least 2,000 switches

Prices as follows:

  • Kit of 50 switches- $27.00 USD
  • Kit of 100 switches- $47.00 USD
  • Individual switches- $0.50 USD
  • Shipping/handling inside USA- $10.00 USD (Small flat rate box)
  • Shipping/handling outside USA- $40.00 USD (Small flat rate box)

I accept payments via. PayPal.

Hua-Jie has a lead time of 6-9 weeks.

This is my first group buy, so I may make a few mistakes, but I promise to do my best and resolve any problems that may arise.

Begins today (01/03/19)
Ends in 2 weeks (01/16/19)



Prices here and Deskthority post seems to not match?
What’s changed?


Deskthority users get slightly lower prices for now.


Will there be any spares for those who might have missed the original GB?