Hyper-X Switches -- kind of interesting?

A while back I was visiting with a friend, watching some bad movies - and I noticed he had some kind of mechanical keeb, so I had to check it out. It was some Hyper-X TKL, with their branded red linear switches - I’d seen tons of them in boxes at places like Best Buy, but hadn’t tried one until then, figuring they’d be super generic.

I still think there are better places to spend one’s keeb budget, but I have to say the switches impressed me. They felt surprisingly smooth and stable, if a bit harsh and plastic-y on the bottom-out. The smoothness and hard-plastic feel reminds me of standard clear-housing Gaterons, but instead of being a little on the wobbly side, they seemed unusually stable - at least from the short time I had to filddle with the keyboard.

Does anybody else have more hands-on experience with and / or thoughts on these? I’m just kind of curious about them in general.

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Yeah I’ve felt em at a meetup. Theyre smooth but the springs suck. A lot. The switch didn’t have a bump but the spring was so bad that I’d have a hard time calling it linear. I wish the spring was swapped, and I could compare a lubed and unlubed switch. They don’t sell them standalone so they’re not worth it.

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