I am death


Dutch / DMKC / metal head


Dude, some name. How do you feel about disappointment? Appropriate gift?


Ayo o/






DMKC <3 o/


There is no disappointment in death/Death


Please tell how many days/years until you knock on my door.

Only honest answers.


That would be cheating, wouldn’t it? But once your time is up I will welcome you with arms open wide


What’s going on with your avatar. It does some weird ghosting thing on my mobile when I scroll. I am aware how appropriate this is, but want sure if it was intentional

Edit: pretty sure it’s my phone being weird in battery saver mode now




Pretty excited. Can’t wait.

Either that, or you are about to die. If I was you, I would run to close my bank accounts, delete browser history, and call a girlfriend to tell her I never liked her anyway.


Done. Phew, that’s a load of my mind, at least I don’t have to deal with that when I don’t wake up tomorrow.