I believe I’m done with r/mm

Nothing new going on. Just a personal decision. If I need to list something for sale, it will be in the classifieds here or on GH.

If you host GBs and ICs only on r/mm, I won’t see them. I do encourage more people to list on r/mechgroupbuys. It’s a great community resource.

P.S. I’m still glad for the existence of Keebtalk. Thanks again to the founders/leaders @norbauer @lekashman @Manofinterests. Wish we could get more of the GH crowd to join us.


I feel that my dude, I pretty much only go on there if I am looking for something specific or selling stuff, but it really just is a trash hole to browse and is so low quality anymore. I really should try listing on here for selling stuff next time.

This site is a godsend compared to /r/mk and so much easier to use/more modern than the hideous archaic forum that is geekhack.


This sub is fantastic. Its easy to miss out on tons of GB announcements between the overwhelming amount of posts on MM and r/MK, and mech group buys has non of the nonsense either.


Also, users of Keebtalk are generally more civil and positive. There’s lot of needless negativity and elitism on some of the other forums which is exhausting to me. For whatever reason Keebtalk has largely been a safe haven from that.


I’ve been done with Mech Market for years, although probably not for any kind of crazy or dramatic reason.

Nowadays whenever I want to sell a board, I know enough people where I could ask around and chances are someone will want the board I’m selling or they’ll know someone who wants it. This is a bit nicer as it always adds another level of trust as I’m either selling a board to someone I know, or to someone I know’s friend who they’ve vouched for.

These days I rarely feel like I need to engage with mech market or most classified posts (although I should probably update mine…)


Hard agree with you on this @pixelpusher. It’s really just becoming a cesspool of flippers & newcomers who don’t know any better but too buy & sell at the crazy inflated prices that have been the norm there for quite awhile now. So much so in fact the last I posted some stuff on there with reasonable prices, my inbox got crushed with people looking to buy within seconds. I wasn’t selling anything special either, just an acrylic Clueboard with Zykos, a 60% build with Holy Zealios in a KBDfans Heavy case, & a 5° case…

r/mechgroupbuys on the other hand is a great resource for the community. Sure there may be some of the good ole’ r/mk toxicity on some of the threads, but you can completely avoid that. As the sub is more meant to be a resource for finding out what GBs are currently running than a place to talk about it. Also you should check out the Mechgroupbuys Discord server. I’m helping out as a mod on both the subreddit & Discord server so you know all my Keebtalk peeps are welcome! :wink:


Thanks! I am very glad that over a year in, Keebtalk has maintained its aura of reasonableness.


COVID (both supply chain lockup and quarantine demand) has really created a perfect storm.


I feel ya.

I started keeping up with stuff here on keebtalk recently and it’s just so much of a nicer, more positive vibe here. I’m sticking around and finding I’m on r/MK and r/MM a lot less.


Same. As time goes on I’m less interested in aggregate sites like facebook or reddit and more interested in dedicated forums like this one. Less rando advertising, less toxicity, and generally a lot more of the interactions and content I’m looking for.


Reddit is a creeping malignancy at this point.
I legit go there for the pics only. Gives ideas.


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There’s a link in the sidebar on the reddit board

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In the About section? I don’t see any.

My bad I forgot to edit the invite to last more than 24hrs.


I cant get over how much [H] PayPal [W] it done for me , there is now.

Its like nobody is willing to buy a PCB, case, keycaps, they just want the finished article. I mean I don’t even solder but I waited for a HS60 so I could do my own build. I still am highly unfashionable with Pok3rs reprogrammed for vim usage as well … just dont have the cash for these $400 kits that are about. Still r/mm is useful for getting sets of keycaps I feel, although my last few sets I got via Discord servers.


Just curious… how did you reprogram the POKER? Using the built in function layers?

Yes, standard function layer re-mapping.

I made it sound more like something outside of the Pok3r standard key re-mapping on one of the function layers. Nothing exotic Im afraid, but enough to use with hjkl as the arrows, bit of page up / down remapping and caps lock as the modifier. I would have sold them long ago if i could not have done this.

Like my ducky YOTH, never made it to daily driver, with its beautiful round lozenge anodized aluminum case, cherry mx blues, and absolutely no chance of reprogramming the arrow keys, off it went…


Interesting. Does this mean I’m done with TWIK? lol

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:frowning: I like hearing your takes on stuff