I created a Rama Works subreddit


I decided to create this subreddit because there is currently no Discord server or subreddit for Rama Works products. As a fan and customer of Rama Works products myself I think it would be nice to have a community to discuss all things Rama. This is an unofficial subreddit and am I in no way connected or represent RAMA WORKS®


I am not a RAMA hater, I do like some of their products and have purchased them along with having some posts here about them. I am sorry if this comes out in anyway negative. I try to be an optimistic & positive person in the community and wish the best for you and everyone in this community weather I agree or not with the person.

RAMAWorks doesn’t have a two way communication mechanism other then support. I fear this will turn into a den of complaints. By looking at many of the Instagram comments on Instagram you see kind of where I am going with this.

Also they have been pretty aggressive against copy right infringement as of late. Did you reach out to them to see if this was okay prior to setting it up? (I see the disclaimer about being in no way connected but their logo and color is being used.)


Thanks for the advice, I took down their logo in case Rama has a problem with it since it is trademarked. I know that Rama has been in a lot of controversy recently, so regardless the community is made to be an open discussion without any censorship.

Sounds cool I’ll join. Though most RAMA products are just a bit out of my price range, I still would like some masochistic notifications telling me the purple and blue anodized M60-A has gone out of stock :(((((

interesting timing, as Rama seems to be falling out of favor in the community due to being a generally shitty dude I’ve heard, I hope you find the community you’re looking for on your subreddit.

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What type of things has he done? I’m completely unaware of his character to be honest.


I don’t know a whole lot about what exactly happened, but multiple business partners of his separated from the brand last year. We had a thread on it here:


yeah I would refer mostly to the thread Laughmaster linked, as well as I have heard from people who know Kate, his former girlfriend and designer, that he is generally an asshole, I don’t think he did anything illegal to anyone, but certainly an toxic person to be in a relationship with, and also to work with apparently.


I followed the dudes instagram for a while and it really seemed like he did his best to present himself as an insufferable dbag lol like I remember his posts when there knockoffs of his stuff were incredibly childish and he would post cringey videos of him doing like rich people shit with like rap music playing in the background like “hahahaha I’m such a g”


yeah he loves to flex his Expensive car with custom rama license plate :man_facepalming: like we get it, you bought this car with the money you made of selling pcbs for $80 USD


I’m unfamiliar with all the drama and who this guy is (I thought it was a big company), reading a bit from the linked post I got to say, he sure knows how to design stuff, his site is top tier.

Most of what I read is one sided and (mostly) not even from the involved parties. Even when someone involved speaks up, they are professional enough to only disclose business side of the issues. Whatever personal stuff was involved, I couldn’t care less. This weird loyalty to either side is just so weird to me.

Hope this subreddit doesn’t bring out more of that weirdness in the community. Drama is the lowest form of participation in this community. It’s the last thing it needs.


Thanks for starting this! I went ahead and posted a few pics of my three Rama boards, looking forward to seeing what else folks have built.

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Huh. Agreed with @Teejon I’ve never heard of anything like that though for the most part I’m pretty inactive on Hamaji’s and Ragan’s servers myself.

It’s kind of like how the owner and maintainer of https://spaceholdings.net is actually a dude whos online name is space. Kind of weird to think about but these guys named their companies after themselves. Salvun’s also a person, so is HIBI but they’re a dog.

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Yeah, I’m excited to see everyone’s boards!

With all the drama surrounding Rama, shitbcustomer service it seems like and hardly ever an ETA on items - I wonder how sustainable long term if things don’t improve. Given the fact that he seems to splurge heavy on luxurious things, especially with the new gf.