I have an addiction, I need help!

Any one can recommend a therapist who focuses on keyboard withdrawal? I think I’m really addicted to keyboards.

New to keebtalk and the hobby in general. I picked up the hobby about middle of July after hours upon hours scrolling through pics on instagram and ASMR videos, and months of convincing myself that it’s worth it , I finally bought my first keeb from KBD fans (Acrylic Tofu 65%). I immediately got obsessed with the whole hobby and literally the first thing that comes to mind when I wake up. :smiley: (I need help)

Anyways, excited to go deep(er) in the hobby and hopefully meet some of y’all IRL


So let me get this straight, you have an addiction so you go to a forum full of people that have the same addiction? This is like going to your drug dealer and asking for more drugs to “cure” yourself LOL. Just kidding of course… there are so many options/choices and it’s a super fun hobby.

You will quickly find a HUGE variety of things to enjoy (switches, case acoustics, materials, etc). Some of them are very different. I would probably say that I’m on the fringe of those things. Split otholinear with Colemak layout with a favorite profile of MT3 and KAT is pretty weird according to my co-workers LOL.


i would say if you really want help, get off of all of the forums. Get off of reddit. Stop looking and it will go away. I think we all understand your problem. Some of us move on. Some of us make a long-lasting hobby of it.

I’ve been obsessing about keyboards for over 5 years now. It’s never stopped. If you don’t have the money to spare, I would suggest you stop early. If money is not an issue, welcome to the keyboard world and enjoy.


Welcome to the hobby! I’m new myself, but, keep learning.

Here’s what I’ve realized in my journey so far…

Figure out what you like, and eventually you’ll be more patient and start losing the FOMO. After a while you won’t feel like jumping on every hype train. It’s getting tiring, and expensive, after a while anyway.

For example, I came along right after the Iron 65 group buy had already happened. At first I was like, THIS is the grail. :trophy::star_struck: I wish I could have it! How do I get it?? :money_with_wings::money_with_wings: But the more I looked at, the less I like it, and realized, it’s just o.k. for me. I’m not missing out that bad. :relieved:

Anyway, welcome to the community here. Ask questions. The members here have been very welcoming, and are super helpful. Enjoy!

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It’s like going AA i guess, except no one is trying to get better haha. I’m entirely kidding with the need for a therapist, I’m perfectly fine with being obsessed with keebs :slight_smile:

But thanks for the warm welcome y’all!