I just bought a set of Gateron Plate-mount stabilizers from Shopee! Anyone else got experience with Gateron stabs?

So I was browsing in Shopee (Online shop in Asia) and was looking for plate-mount stabilizers, then I saw and bought the Gateron stabilizers that costed me just above $3 US and to my surprise, the stabs are actually TENFOLD better than the stock ones that came with my Redragon Draconic stabs. Sadly one of the housings from the order I made was torn apart, but the seller told me he’ll send a replacement soon so I have yet to receive that, but other than that, After a quick clipping and lubing with krytox205g0 and dielectric grease, wedged band aids between the plate and the housing of my stabs, They sound superb! No rattle! I’m just curious if anyone knows or have had experiences with the gateron stabilizers that popped out of nowhere.


These have been my go-to for plate-mount stabs since they popped up about a year ago. They can still benefit from some minor modding, but they are definitely a step up from other plate-mount stabs I’ve tried in the past.


What do you use for the wire stabs? Krytox or Dielectric Grease? I can’t decide which to use, which is more sluggish than the other, etc.

Dielectric grease, but I’d like to give XHT-BDZ a try as well.

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The gateron plate mount stabs are pretty decent, if I’m not wrong the newer GK61x models ship with them out of the box. Liking the lube choice and glad that the seller is helping to replace your damaged stab (Shopee - guess you’re based in SEA).

If you’d like an even better upgrade, I would recommend Everglide Panda plate mount stabs. They have an even snugger fit for the stab housings, where you wouldn’t (or can’t) wedge band aids between the plate and stab housings. Plus, they’re manufactured without the extra prongs, so no need for clipping.

I’d get everglide or Durock Plate mount stabs but here’s the problem, they sold out on Shopee. XDDDDDDDDDD