I know it's juvenile, but look at this typing test I was just presented with

Yo, am I crazy or does this sound like some kinda AI advertisement for sexual health products on Instagram sold by Yoda?

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Anywhoo… my hand lubed Grain Gold Mint Bubblegum switches with 67g TX medium springs worked out pretty well. I’m getting a consistent 115 wmp, which is a bit above average for me. It’s been a while since I typed with more standard springs. Most of the switches I try lately have very long or dual stage springs. These are still longer than cherry spec, but it does feel more vintage. I find that I can type much more accurately on these shorter springs if I make sure to NOT hover, also requiring me to move my fingers a lot more. Interesting.


Look, buddy, if you ask a stroke victim to write your smutty romance novel, you get what you get…



@pixelpusher You are not much better!

Oh no, my sick mind misread it; you wrote “Grain” :rofl:

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