I made a Mac app for your QMK keyboard's backlight!

A couple of weeks ago I built my first keyboard (a KBDFans D84) and of course I had to start playing with the firmware. I thought about trying to change the backlight based on the time of day so it would dim at night, but then remembered that my Mac has an ambient light sensor so I went in that direction instead.

This is my first Mac app, and I’d love for anyone running Big Sur on a Mac with an ambient light sensor to give it a try!

Here’s the link to the GitHub page (it’s open-source): GitHub - karlshea/QMKAmbientBacklight: Automatically set your keyboard's backlight based on your Mac's ambient light sensor.

It should work with any firmware running VIA right away (you only need the Vendor ID and Product ID), otherwise there’s an example of what you should add to your keymap.c/rules.mk.

(Hopefully I posted this in the right category, I wasn’t sure where it should fit!)


Thank you for creating and sharing this little app.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Great idea! I’ll check it out!

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