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Guess what. I like keyboards.

I live in London and work in film post production as a finishing editor with a little bit of vfx work thrown in. I’ve also done various amounts of writing, documentary film making, live visuals, radio plays… er, I fronted a metal band for years and toured a lot and I starred in a Nando’s advert. That’s it. That’s all I’ve done with my life.


Yeah we’re going to need a source for that nandos advert.

Nice! I am a fellow editor in Los Angeles! Have you made a keyboard for your edit system? What software are you using? I am on Avid and I just got these in the mail (WASD Avid Keycaps), but I am not super thrilled with them, hoping someone else has something they like for an edit system.

Welcome dude. Did the polycarb ST make it into the Nando’s vid?

to both you video editors @Future and @city, I’d love to know if you guys have custom keyboard setups (physical or otherwise) for rapid and efficient video editing. I dabble in Premier sometimes but haven’t yet really gotten to be a good keyboard jockey with it as I am with other Adobe products.

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Good to see you here Future, and welcome!

@norbauer I do have a custom physical keyboard (WASD code with zealios, sorry about the poor photo, it is in my dark edit bay taken with my phone) and a custom software layout as well. I have been editing for a long time with a terrible Mac avid keyboard which I was happy to get rid of. Honestly though I don’t look at the keyboard much when editing, most of the legends on the keyboard are wrong because of the software keyboard, I put the functions I need most in the spots that are easiest for me to reach. I don’t use Premier at work (I do need to start getting familiar as more jobs are popping up that are Premier) so I don’t know if they have custom software keyboards like Avid does, if they do then that will make my life a lot easier!


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Cool. Thanks for sharing that. I think I saw that keycap set last time I was at B&H in New York. I mused to myself that I went to this photography/videography mecca and of course the first thing that catches my eye is a keycap set. :laughing:

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@norbauer lol last time I was in NY I wanted to go so bad so I ditched my friends to go alone and when I got there I realized it was Saturday and they were closed. :man_facepalming:

Yeah. It’s very uncommon for retail stores in the US to be closed on Saturday, but B&H is largely run by Orthodox Jews, so they’re closed on Saturday and open on Sunday. They even shut down their website from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. It’s all part of the rich cultural tapestry that is NYC. :slight_smile: