I missed the terminal green stabs

But it looks like I might be able to score some mint and to toxic yellow ones



Yeah I missed the green ones too :frowning: very disappointed I didn’t see them before it was too late. Hopefully ilLumkb restocks them since they’re the other vendor for C³ stuff, but I’m not holding my breath.

Buuuut I think I’ll grab a few sets of the cream ones. I probably ought to stop obsessing about getting everything color coded but it’s one of my favorite parts of all this :sweat_smile:

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I can’t say a thing…

Excuse my ignorance but what are the perks (or Pros vs Cons) of these Stabilizers versus other stabilizers (Durock or Cherry) in the market?

They are designed to not need to be clipped

It’s mostly just the colors tbh. Jae did a stream comparing them to cherry, durock, and zeal stabs back when C3 first came out with them and there are some minor differences in smoothness and sound, but they’re all pretty similar after lubing.

I am building my first board and I have some durocks; gmks on the way. figure these would be aesthetics.

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I will probably get cream, yellow and Tiffany blue. :yum:

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Sorry to disappoint you. :wink:
The Tiffany blue is for a build when I find some caps like Phosphorous/slate/pulse.

The cream will end up on my Think 6.5v2 if the color works with the E-white. :grimacing:

The yellow will go together with these Tiger Ink’s on my upcoming build. :shushing_face:

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yeah, I am going mint to go with mint holy pandas (or maybe mint housing with kiwi stem), neon yellow to go with toxic (possibly use kiwi housing and panda switch), get the n9 gray with emerald wires as a possible alternate to mints with black wires.

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Interesting! Thanks for the info. I’ve been out of the Keyboard Hobby for quite a while and recently purchased some keyboards and am slowly gathering keycaps and stabilizers for them lol.

Are the C³equalz X TKC Screw-In Stabilizers’s GB Price worth it compared to the prices of Durocks or similar stabliizers that are in the market today?

Durocks are smoother, but c3s are cooler.

It used to be a cut and dried choice as the c3 Equalz had clearance issues with certain keycaps (eg ePBT: Bad, GMK: Good). But a housing redesign has fixed this issue.

On the other hand, I’ve anecdotally heard that Durocks are prone to the wire popping out. But I’ve used Durock and Everglide stabs A LOT and have never personally experienced it.

While I have had nothing but positive experiences with Durocks and Everglides, maybe the best of both worlds is mixing a little c3 Equalz wire flair with Durock smoothness?

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This may be the move here. I’ve been going back & forth between ordering just wires or some housings also as I have a ton of Durock, C3 R1, & pre retooling GMK stabs in my stash right now.

These babies are waiting for the HMKB so I can’t tell if they are better or worse. But they look real good. :ok_hand::yum:

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I’ve personally avoided them myself, but it’s my understanding that this was a problem when these stabs were *ahem* closer to Zeal stabs in design, and has more or less been alleviated as the manu evolved them into their own product.


That’s a fire match! Let us know how the durock housings with c3 stems go. What wire you using, durock gold ones?

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Ye, I use the Durock one, purely visual the c3 wire looks a tad thicker.
And I was really happy that the c3 matches the Helios perfectly. :ok_hand:

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Does anyone know where to purchase Durock or other stabilizers in bulk?