I need help with QMK RGB Matrix

I want to add RGB leds to my keyboard, after going through QMK RGB Matrix, I’m a bit confused.

I think I will use IS31FL3733 controller, after searching, I found this matrix (from the K-Type)

But I’m not sure what led to use.
I found this on aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005658215317.html (which is a WS2812)

the pins are: 1 VDD, 2 DOUT, 3 GND, 4 DIN (not R,G,B,CA)

are these leds not usable for RGB Matrix? or is there a way to remap the pins?

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The ones you are looking for are dumb RGB LEDs for ISSI led controllers.
Ws2812 can’t work with a controller as they are designed to work without one.

I didn’t know there are similar-looking but different type of led.

this one “should” work, right?

I think this one will not fit also, because the common pin (the anode) is not the right one for a led driver.
If you find the same package with a common cathode instead of a common anode it should be ok.

Anyway, doing RGB light switches with WS2812 is also possible (Gondolindrim did it for its Appollo TKL PCB), it is less energy efficient than using a led driver but less complex and much easier to route.

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