I need some feedbacks for my new board

I have been a keyboard enthusiast for a while.
I want to run a small GB. I thought it would be a good start to run a small board, 40% layout.

survey form

More pictures of the prototype: https://imgur.com/a/cVOz7Ni

About my board:

  • The Layout
    my layout is inspired from this design

    of course I have to adapt to qwerty layout.

  • Keycaps
    I know many people would feel “forced” to use uniform keycap profile so in the future, if my board sales are sufficient, I do plan to run a GB for a generic 40% keyset that include supports to my board.

  • PCB
    the board is powered by an ATMega32u4, which is QMK/VIA compatible.
    as you can see in the album, this board actually use 2 PCBs (controller-PCB and key-PCB), I know this might be unnecessarily complicated but I can’t find other way to put all the components on small PCB (I can’t hand-solder smaller components)

  • Case
    The case is CNC anodized Aluminum.
    My current design is two-pieces top-mount case, I plan to change it to one-piece tray-mount case.
    This would help keep the price low and it’s also easier for me to manage the GB.
    After I receive the prototype for new design, I will post a new, more detailed survey.

Please check this survey form and tell me your thoughts.
Thank you for reading.


Hmm, the R3 1.25 definitely seems like it’s a bit odd. If people go with a uniform keycap profile, that’s no problemo but obviously if they decide otherwise…

Going with double 1.75u is particularly interesting and doubly reinforces the idea that uniform keyap profile is ideal since a normal set would want to be using a centered caps lock and a short shift to cover those.

Those are probably the oddest part of this keyboard’s layout as a 40%. both manageable for people willing to use it with a flat profile keyset. That might be a very important disclaimer to let people know about

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Do the four leds under the spacebar interact with the three in-switch leds somehow? I’m pretty gaga over the asymmetrical symmetry of this board.

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yeah, I know this layout would be hard to find sculpted keycaps, I’m thinking about changing the layout.

I actually want to change top-mount (current design) to tray-mount so those four leds under spacebar will have to be moved to in-switch led.
and, thank you :smiley:

I made this layout because of… aesthetic, but this unusual layout would be hard to sell… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Are you using ribbon cables for connecting the Key-PCB to the Controller? (Not asking for feedback purposes - genuinely wanting to learn different styles) - I like the separate PCB ideas and the design aspects it could open up - even as little as one would see the PCB.

yes, I’m using 4 6pins ribbon cables

the seperate PCBs seems a bit complicated but there is a slight advantage to it, that is you can replace the controller PCB if there is any problems or replace the key-PCB to try a totally different layout.

oh well… the actual reason is that 40% PCB is small, I find it hard to fit the components into it, I also can’t hand-solder small components (I think 0805 smd components are my limit). :joy:


After some feedbacks, I decided to change the layout:

(I still want to keep the symmetrical look)

I think this will help with the sale.

I also change the case design to tray-mount, the case has typing-angle of 5°, also one-piece case would keep the price low. :smiley:

I will order new prototype soon.
after I receive the prototype and finish the new build, I will post a more detailed interest check.


I love the 7u space option and ISO enter key! Consider me sold on this!

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I’m in!

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I really like the separate controller board, a lot of commercial boards take this approach. It’d be nice to have a community standard controller board that could be used and supported across many PCBs and cases, a bit like the Unified USB Daugherboard but with the MCU and other gubbins.

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The uncommon 1.25 R3 key is not that unusual tho. Trashman/minivan layout generally it’s a 1.25 Tab in that spot and there are enough sets out there with support.