I need some help with my first keyboard

I just wanted to ask about some details about keyboard mods. I’m from morocco and it’s not easy getting keyboard parts here so all i got is a gammakay k66 with gateron yellows and a amazon lubing kit. I wanted to ask for the pe foam mod. How thick should the PE sheet be. And for stabilizers is it better to holee mod them or should i plumber’s tape mod them


Hello and welcome!

For PE foam; I think most people just use what comes as packaging material with keyboards or other electronic items - usually a thin sheet, maybe around 1mm thick, possibly less. Nothing fancy needed here.

For stabilizers it can depend on the brand and how much wiggle-room there is between parts. If the wires have a fair bit of room to move around inside the stems either one of those mods would be helpful - that said, I’m partial to the plumber’s tape. Holee modding can make for a great sound but isn’t always durable - those little ahesive bits can fall off. The PTFE tape doesn’t rely on adhesive and instead stretches around the shape and clings to itself; I haven’t had any come out of place yet.


Welcome to KeebTalk, @Sami!

Stabilizer tuning and lubing has to be one of the toughest things to master in this hobby, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it perfect right away.

Personally, I would try to install your stabilizers w/o the holee mod first just to get an idea of what is ticking, if anything at all. From there, you can always clean them off and try other methods (wire balancing, different lube, etc…)before going the route of tape or band-aids.

I find the GPL205g0 lube that comes with those kits to be good for the stabilizer housings, but you may want something a little more viscous or sticky for the wire. Dielectric grease is available on Amazon as well as most automotive shops. Permatex may be Amazon’s recommendation, but can separate over time, especially in warmer climates. Loctite makes a very nice dielectric grease that I can very easily recommend. One tube will last you a long time, as you will only be using it for stabilizer wires, so it may be best to look for the smallest tube you can.

A little bit goes a long way and will help any minor ticking that may be left over if you cannot get rid of it by balancing the stabilizer wire.

Aside from that, feel free to ask any questions here as everyone in this forum has been a beginner and is always willing to help you out. There is no such thing as a stupid question! :grin:


Thanks man i appreciate it

I think I’ll bre trying plumber’s tape then

I second trying the stabilizers just lubed and with dielectric for the wire, but the great thing is that you can undo the plumbers tape later if you don’t like it and try without, right?

If you do want to try tape, I agree it’s probably better to try that before brushing and filling with a bunch of other lube, especially PTFE that will basically never come off completely and will prevent you from subsequently applying tape.

If you’re using stabilizers like Cherry that do not come “pre-clipped,” don’t even bothering trying them without clipping the little legs. I did once just to learn, and it feels terrible.