I want something actually nice, help?

New member here, so i’m sorry if i’m posting this in the wrong board or something. Also, i’m Dutch. So welcome some grammar mishaps along the way.

Anyway, disclaimer over. I’ve been in the hobby for a little bit now. It started with a Corsair K65 with cherry reds, and since then i’ve been steadily building or modifying boards to fit my needs.

Right now i have 3 boards on my desk.

My daily driver Anne Pro 2:
-CNC aluminum case
-Kailh Box Blacks
-sideprint cherry profile caps

Custom GH60 (Aliexpress special):
-wood case
-Kailh Box Whites
-SA profile caps

And a Tada 68:
-Keyfirst Creams with 95g springs
-OEM style caps

So you people probably noticed, none of these builds are particularly high-end. Don’t get me wrong, i love the Anne. And the switches in the Tada68 feel amazing to me. It’s just that, sometimes you see a board posted on a subreddit somewhere. And basically all boards i see posted in the threads on this forum, which are just a step above the stuff i’ve been able to put together.

What i want from you guys really is some pointers. I want to build something that will basically be my definitive daily driver board. A true enthusiast’s creation. The problem is that i just don’t know where to look. Where would i go to find luxury, high-end keyboard parts? I see there’s usually some kind of group buy, but whenever i get to know about them they’re already long gone. There must be a better way?

Thanks in advance!



Finding a custom is the problem everybody faces in this hobby, sorry.

Maybe looking at KBDFans could give you better chances.


I’d suggest keeping an eye out on [mechgroupbuys.com] as well as looking on youtube for upcoming GB’s. Once you’ve found a few boards you like, you can join the respective designers’ discords for more timely updates on projects. Browsing r/customkeyboards might give you a good idea of some of the higher-end boards out there as well.

Crawling through posted [IC] threads on geekwhack is a little more involved, but still worth a shot.


Hi Welcome!

I understand your plight. I too am in the hunt for something custom a step over above retail. My boards are nice but I want something custom. Checking interest checks helps a lot and Reddit MechGroupBuys is good as well https://www.reddit.com/r/MechGroupBuys/. @Manofinterests has a this week/month in keyboards which is helpful to see everything at a glance. It helps to narrow down what you want so you can jump on it when it comes up, ie 60%, 65%, 75, TKL, 1800 etc.

I have been waiting for a while to find a high end 1800. I am finally inching closer with the Sar interest check just a few days ago!

It is hard but it is best to be patient. If you can’t then you can get something you want from MechMarket but you will pay a super premium for it.

Good advice from @Rico to check out KBDFans.


Yes, the Sar will be an unlimited group buy, so no problem missing it if you are not fast enough :wink:


Thanks for the info lads. KBDFans and mechgroupbuys.com both look like very promising leads!
This is exactly what i was looking for when i started this thread. I just didn’t know these places existed.

@Dave Patience is something i’ve got, but the stuff i get must be worth the wait, so to speak.
I’ll be keeping an eye out on the subreddits you posted, tough i’m not that familliar with reddit so i don’t have high hopes.

Are there more sites like KBDFans around?


I feel like I’m finding new boards and names to go with them every day - it’s a deep rabbit hole! I have found many designers on Instagram which leads to the network effect of finding additional designers etc. The good news is - MechMarket seems active enough that you won’t really make a mistake buying a board that isn’t for you, someone would likely pick it up for what you’d paid for it.


I did the happy dance when I found out about this :). Zambumon will be getting my money one way or another.

@RollinLower I don’t know of another site quite like KBDFans they are definately a step up into the custom world. All their released boards have in-depth build streams (twitch or youtube) you can checkout to see full details.

There is a great vendor list here, List of Keyboard Retailers / Shops / Stores / Vendors? . A few months ago I definately did not spend a few hours going through the whole list looking at the out of stock awesome keyboards :wink:

Welcome! I know the feeling. Daily driver is a KBD67mkii and I have an NK65 waiting to be built. Not bad boards at all, but no where close to End Game status either.

MechGroupBuys is a great resource. The List of Vendors is a good one too.

I just wanted to pop in an say Welcome and know that the struggle is real.

If you’re looking for something right now, I would recommend the Melody65 on KBDFans.

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Welcome to the community!

If you really want to go true endgame luxury, and money is no object you can always commission a board. Vendors like Keycult will build something to your specification. Expect to pay 3-4x GB price though. You’ll also wait probably around a year to get it. Another option is to hunt for what you want on r/mechmarket. Either way, prices are very high because demand is constantly outstripping supply

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i’ve had my eye on that one, tough the looks just arn’t really for me sadly.

yeah the more i look into it, the more i expect to pay a hefty premium for well, a premium board.
i’m okay with that tough, but if i’m spending 600 or 700 bucks on a keybord, i need it to be the best for me. i guess a couple grand would get me something build to my exact specs, tough that’s a little extreme for me.