I want to try Topre, where to start?

I’m visiting Japan soon and from my knowledge it’s the place of Topre, I never found a chance to try Topre and thought it might be a chance to try if there are stores that offer to try, and even purchase a board if I like it.

My question is, what is the consensus for the regarded companies to buy from? HHKB? Realforce?

And are there 65% or standard 60% layouts?


Realforce for 100% and TKL.

Leopold for 1800 and 65%.

HHKB for 60%.


@WayToBlue is 10000% correct

this lists a few stores where the Realforce R3 is out on display. I’d check the Topre_Realforce Twitter or the Realforce JP site though the closer you get to your trip for any in-person tester locations, bc I’m not sure how long these models will be out there for.

“standard 60” doesn’t really occur in Topre just yet, definitely not for stock boards. Post your pics of Japan when you get back :slight_smile:



Lots of weird Topre keyboards out there!


While I don’t doubt the BFK and short throw Topre fulfill the stated layout category
not sure I’d class the BFK as 60% unless you ran it without the numpad…

I answered thinking of a default ANSI MX 60% with 1.25/6.25u bottom row, 2.25/2.75u shifts, and AFAIK that layout isn’t exactly actively produced, ubiquitous products that OP can purchase while traveling, unlike the boards that already were recommended.


I’m with the Spud on this one. Vintage topre is very cool, and features some very odd layouts, but I’d class an HHKB or a FC660C closer to a standard 60 than either of these. Bonus points for accessibility.

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Leopold FC660C is, IMO, the best place to start with Topre.

Unfortunately, laying hands one one can be a challenge. Mechanicalkeyboards.com, for good or ill, is the USDM resource for them. It’s also possible to acquire them through various Japanese auction sites using the myriad of proxy services available.


I’m one week into Topre with the FC660C and already thinking about getting another one for the office, so I wouldn’t have to miss out on the awesome experience. :laughing:


Yeah, standard ANSI 60 doesn’t exist for Topre unfortunately.

Both keyboards on the pics are standard Topre, the 2nd one is called the Topre MCRW and it’s a really interesting board.

How is the largest Topre keyboard outside of Sony BKE considered standard 60 lmao.


I recommend JIS HHKB if you don’t use right shift… But I’m a bit biased…


I was very much considering the JIS HHKB when looking into Topre. Unfortunately, my upbringing on the Commodore 64 demands an ANSI enter key, even though I live in ISO territory. :smiley:

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Btw, are those Hi-Pro keys?

Easiest way to make ANSI enter is to remap the key to the left of the ISO enter to enter, so you get a big ass enter. I got so used to using ISO enter that my Pro 2 has Delete mapped to enter as well…

And yes, they are hipro.

w/o the numpad. I couldn’t find a picture without the numpad, so I hope this professional-grade edit makes it clear.


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Well I didn’t get a Topre board but I did get to try it, and it’s very nice!

Went to Akihabara and searched for shops there, sadly no Leopolds for sale for quite some time.

Topre is different, kind of hard to explain, it obviously feels like a rubber dome, but comparing it to a rubber dome is like comparing a cheap old car to a new luxury driving experience.

It’s soft, not bouncy PCB but just soft even though the plate is hard as a rock.

Pictures aren’t great I know, there are several Topre Realforces (I think one or two were MX compatible) among dozens of gaming brands and weirdly, Keychron TKL and 75% of the Q line.

Anyway, after leaving I realized there’s a custom keyboard shop but I didn’t get the chance to visit, so the search continues.



Holy cow that’s like keyboard wonderland right there.

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