I wrote a complement to “A modern hand wiring guide” - might help some other aspiring DIY:ers out there!

Me and some friends over at the Swedish mechanical keyboard discord server ( http://mekaniskatangentbord.se/ ) recently did our first hand wired keyboards using this awesome guide:

There were however three things that weren’t 100 % clear to us after reading it: which pins that can be used on the microcontroller, how the wiring from the matrix to the microcontroller works and how to use your hand wired keyboard with an existing QMK keyboard layout. So I typed out some pointers on those three areas, and I hope that it can help some other people as well!

I don’t usually hang out here but maybe I will start now, a friend recommended that I post here :slight_smile: Any feedback, corrections and suggestions for improvement are welcome!


Welcome here, and thanks for sharing!
I’ll know where to go when/if I ever do a hand wired board. Perhaps it’s time for a 3D printer Dactyl…