IBM (& Alps) keyboard pixel art wallpaper generator

Hey all!

I wanted to share a project I’ve been working on for my website - a wallpaper generator for keyboard pixel art! If you’re also on DT or GH, you may have seen this already. But if not; over the last year or so, I’ve made a lot of keyboard pixel art for use of my website and as per request on GH, so I thought I might as well do something cool with them (and ofc make something cool for my portfolio as well).

It’s still technically a WIP with more features and options inevitable, but it’s in a workable state. So, feel free to have a play around with it and let me know what you think - constructive criticism is welcome! The generator is primarily for IBM family keyboards (beam spring, Model F, Model M, and ThinkPad/TrackPoint) but some Alps options have recently arrived.

Here’s a sample of what it can output:

The generator is packed full of customisation options:

  • Specific keyboard types/families, notably: all IBM, specific IBM family, Model M minus POS/retail, buckling springs only, capacitive switches only, and a few Alps-centric options, etc. A completely custom keyboard picker is also available with the ability to save your choices for next time you visit.
  • Specific keyboard colour tone: all, light, dark, industrial, and other.
  • Specific keyboard form factor: all, all minus keypads/sub-60%, 60% only, TKL only, full-size only, battlecruiser/battleship only, and behemoth only.
  • Many resolutions, from 1024x768 to 4K and a vertical monitor/phone orientation option is available. The icons themselves can be scaled 1x to 5x to keep them legible at high resolutions.
  • Solid background options: transparent, “dark mode” (#333), “light mode” (#E1E1E1), and custom via a colour picker.
  • Some ordering options: randomised, ascending/descending approx. time period order (loops after completion, doesn’t really work with Alps at the moment).
  • Random skips toggle.

You can also find the individual icons themselves here for download:

Some final notes:

  • Feel free to use and modify results as you please. If you want to rehost results on your website or blog though, all I ask is that you include a link to the generator please.
  • Big credit and kudos to sealcouch of geekhack for the inspiration behind the icons themselves.
  • Pending the lack of custom background options, you can of course overlay a transparent result over an image of your choosing. If you have Photoshop or GIMP, this will be a piece of cake. Although, you can even do this in mspaint; open up your background, copy a transparent result in using “Paste from”, immediately click “Select”, click “Transparent select”, align.
  • I maintain an update log here:

Enjoy, and feel free to share what you come up with!


I’ve been using this for wallpaper for months now. Love it.


Glad you like it!

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I’m rocking the light one as my wallpaper right now, thanks for posting these!

This is a great idea (and thank you, @SharktasticA, for your dedication of time and effort towards documenting all these multifarious keyboards)! I’ve been thinking lately it ought to be possible to generate these directly from KLE data (in fact it would make a nice feature to add on to KLE itself to show icons of layouts in the picker).

Parse the KLE data, along with a few more optional settings for color, etc. and boom! Automagic keyboard pixel icons!

Was using this today to make something for the display on my S65 v2 board :slight_smile: