[IC] Abstract Ellipse – Macropad with 3 Rotary Encoders

Hello all,

First thing, this is a new account but I am /u/yes_butwhy, I just figured I would separate some of the keyboard business spam from my personal account. If anyone knows my old website – http://ybyboards.tk , I will also be changing my website and email but have not created the new site yet. New domain (just redirects to old site): http://abstractkb.tk

So, the design. 3 Axis control. Pan Tilt Zoom. Scroll up and down and side to side and in and out. Photo editing. CAD modeling. 3 spinny bits seems useful. Using only the finest, authentic ALPS rotary encoders in a couple variants you could choose from, and then 3 spaces for cherry mx switches with in-switch LEDs. Underglow RGB LEDs too, I’m thinking that’s useful for layer indication. Of course it would have a built in controller and USB-C port and be Powered with QMK. The package would include laser cut acrylic top and bottom plates in black, translucent, or clear, and all the hardware necessary to assemble the kit. You would just have to supply your own cherry switches and in-switch leds (optional). My question is, for approx. $50 plus shipping, would people be interested in something like this?

The pcb and case design are already designed and the case is prototyped. You can see a couple beginning examples here: https://imgur.com/a/Vpw4JG4 The PCB is just in green for prototyping. Productions will be black or white, with lead free solder pads, hopefully gold pads.

So let me know what you think using my survey linked here: ABSTRACT ELLIPSE rev0 Interest Check



YES YES YES, I would even pay more for an Alu case :smiley:

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Would love it :metal:

Absolutely. My desk is a collection of electronic tools and devices and this would be useful. Aluminum case, 2 rotary dials please.

Seems useful. Would definitely be in to try one at that price

Not only does this seem like a useful tool, it also looks a fun project to me. At $50 + shipping for the whole package I would definitely be interested in one! A option for an aluminum case would awesome to see also.