[IC] Acrylic Keyboard covers made in the UK

Hi, my name is Nick and I am from the United Kingdom.

I had been searching for a high quality keyboard cover for a long time; in the end I decided to design my own and after many hours I now have a prototype that I am happy to share with the community.

Designed to look great and to last for years, the acrylic is 4mm thick and very high quality. Some of the existing covers use thin fragile materials; in comparison the max load on top of this cover is 1.5kg!

The cover is designed so that it can be slid behind the keyboard when in use and slid back over the keyboard in seconds.

I look forward to hearing from everyone.


Nice idea. This could make the cover actually be a way to stack keyboards in your glass cabinet.

Although I fear that stacking them will make the top one to slide away sidewards.

I would like one.

My home setup is this : http://imgur.com/gallery/sgP2Z

It’s a custom made desk included in my living room furniture. When it’s closed I can use it as a stand-up desk.

I would need basically a shelf to lift my laptop 6-7cm and be able to slide the keyboard underneath, so that I free the front space for writing/whatever. The box has enough height and I can stack 3 laptops on top of each other and close the lid. The monitor stays attached the whole time.

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