[IC] Artisan - A square Orange or Tangerine Artisan keycap | Aihey Studio

Witness craftsmanship at its finest with our square Tangerine keycap, meticulously handcrafted over 20 days. Resonating nature’s beauty, this keycap boasts a lifelike Tangerine shape, a true marvel that mimics the fruit’s essence. Every detail exudes artisanal dedication, capturing the spirit of tradition and innovation. It’s more than a keycap; it’s an ode to patience and skill, an emblem of the artisan’s passion. Elevate your keyboard and embrace the elegance of this 20-day masterpiece, an artisanal treasure.

Package includes: one A square Tangerine Artisan keycap

Designer and craftsman: cici

Aihey Studio


This looks sick! If I had the money, I would definitely cop one of these.