[IC] Artisan Stem Keycaps (to Create Your Own Artisans)

There are a few versions of this, but these are my beta version of an Artisan Stem keycaps that you can pour resin into the empty top and create your own Artisans without having to worry about fitting the stem properly or doing a lot of molding with silicone.

I’m going to send out a batch for beta testing, so PM me address details if you’d be interested in testing them. I’ll probably send 3-7 empty keycaps out and people can let me know how the stem fit and finish is for the keycaps.

They are deep enough that you can fit tiny things inside them (glitter, paper, etc) to create something textured, or simply pour resin inside to create a glossy keycap.


I might be interested in this. Are they 3D printed or made from molds?

They are SLA 3D printed, so they are similar to plastic in strength and quality (0.05mm layer heights).

I’m still experimenting a bit with the supports so they look cleaner underneath, but the fit is good.

That’s fine. Would there be a specific type of resin to stay away from, or would epoxy resin not harm the resin they’re made from?

I’ll experiment some more and make a few “finished” samples with epoxy resin and post some pictures.