[IC] Atom 68 II

It’s a great pleasure to meet you again. It’s been one year since we released the original version of Atom68 Alu during which time we keep improving the design of the next version. Now I will share the details of the Atom 68 II with you.
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1 The specs
2 The current status
3 Group Buy
6 Update

1 The specs.
-Typing Angle: 6.5 °
-Materials: 6063 Aluminum & Polycarbonates & Brass
-Case options:
o Aluminum: anodized black, anodized grey, E-white, E-yellow.
o PC: black frosted & white frosted
-Weight options:
o Aluminum: anodized black, anodized grey, E-white, E-yellow.
o PC: black frosted & white frosted
-Plate options
o Aluminum: anodized black, anodized grey, E-white, E-yellow.
o brass (brushed)
o Gold plated FR4
-Plate mounting system: gasket sandwich
o Niz original factory electrostatic capacitive PCB components
o 1.5mm black gold plated FR4, type-C daughterboard, QMK/VIA support (MX version only)
2 The current status
The prototyping should be finished in 10-15 days.
3 Group Buy
Atom 68 II will be available as custom kits in a group buy. The kit will include the following parts:
-Top and bottom cases
-Plate: EC version or MX version
-PCB: MX version only, the EC PCB must be harvested from a regular NIZ Atom keyboard
-Additional EC switch housings (EC version only)
-Accessories: footpad, Type-C daughterboard, gaskets, screw.

  • What are the changes compared with the V1 Atom68?
    (1) Higher quality materials.
    (2) Thread inserts for screw holes.
    (3) Thicker gaskets.
    (4) Improved solution for the Bluetooth module.
    (5) Improved overall structure
  • Is it compatible with other NIZ keyboards such as NIZ66?
    No, but we are also planning to make the aluminum cases for NIZ87 and more.
  • Is it possible to provide more colors?
    If we see enough interests in the IC.
    (6) Electrostatic capacity keyboard is more complex than a mechanical keyboard. What if I buy a kit and can’t assemble it?
  • We will not only provide installation guidance, but also use the original NIZ production line to provide customers with original assembly services, providing you more choices,



6 Updates
2020.11.17 IC
2020.12.05 3D proto pic

Color Poll link:https://discord.gg/cYUvMrPXJt


Happy to see more high end niz boards! I don’t have a 60% so maybe this will be my first. I definitely want to see what comes of that metal niz87!

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I definitely want to get one of these to try out.

FR4 plate with EC switches? :thinking: sounds fun


Color me intrigued!

Okay where are those people who bought the v1? Last I read, it was pretty bad. Case didn’t close and stabilizers were terrible.

Can someone with v1 chime in with their issues to see if those problems have been addressed in the new revision.

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Gorgeous - count me among those intrigued.

Can we please get a 55g dome option on these? I cannot type on the ultralight 35g domes that Niz has been standardizing on. If this is a group buy, I’d love to see some dome weight options (at least 45g, ideally 55g).

The springs aren’t the same and are a poor solution for folks that want more tactility and resistance.

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Very excited for these. Especially the TKL.

Agreed that they need to have the 55g domes as a standard option. I put those in my X87 with a little 3204 and they’re terrific. I’d love the 65g domes too - the 55g are really more like 45g in practice.

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But how about 63.5g domes image


I own an Atom68 Alu from the first round. I hope you’re planning on improving the stabilizers too, because mine is still sitting half-finished on my table because I was unable to prevent them from making loud clacking sounds.

Actually, if there’s any way I could get replacement stabilizers with an improved design, that would be great.


And do I remember correctly that you have to use their stabilizers? I remember people saying that other types didn’t work out

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I didn’t try any other brand of plate mount stabilizers because I didn’t have any on hand, but gordonderp in the Geekhack thread confirmed that you can switch out the inserts inside the housings with other brands. I’m pretty sure there’s no way to use other brands of stabilizer housings in the plate, though.

Unfortunately, the stabilizer noise issue seems to be caused by the height of the housings.

I would highly recommend that anyone considering buying one of these reads the Geekhack thread for Round 1. Make sure Niz has responded to any specific problems you’re concerned about (either there or in this thread) with a solution. They were responsive at first, but it seems like they gave up on responding to buyers after a bit (i.e. the stabilizer issue I never received a solution for).

edit: Geekhack thread link:


45g is possible

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Sorry for the trouble, the previous version does have some defects, such as the fact that it is not compatible with most of the stabilizers in the market, as you said (of course, even with the new version, I cannot guarantee that it is compatible with all the stabilizers). Is the stabilizer noise you are talking about a cavity? If so, I think we’ve already fixed that in the new version. I don’t quite understand what you said about us giving up the response to the problem. It may be that we have been dealing with the problem of customers’ feedback to the mailbox while ignoring the problem of Geek. I will check and NIZ’s after-sales service is still guaranteed


My last question on GH about fixing the stabilizer noise was posted in July and never received a response, even though it was in the same comment where I provided photos you requested about a separate issue with the slider housings (which you fixed and sent to me, thanks).

The noise is caused by the tall stabilizer housings hitting the underside of Cherry profile keycaps. Seems like certain keycap widths with less space between the outer edge and the stabilizer housings are more susceptible (like the 2u Backspace).
Video I posted on Geekhack of the noise - Enter (normal) vs Backspace (loud): https://drive.google.com/file/d/14B7cKKNQNE8xDw9bnL8-rMv3j2kaG9zu/view?usp=sharing

Also, since you say NIZ’s after-sale service is guaranteed, I’d like to take you up on that. Here’s a different issue I mentioned on Geekhack. When I said the daughterboard in my case was visibly curved/warped because one of the case’s screw holes was drilled at an angle, your response was,
“You can remove it to expand the aperture to solve this problem. (If the factory needs to solve the drilling problem at that time, the factory told me that it will take a week and I can’t wait).”
3 problems with that:

  1. This daughterboard is not a part I can replace if it is damaged and fails due to the flex. I also can’t redrill the hole in the case to fix the flex issue.
  2. Removing 1 of the 2 screws holding the daughterboard in place would make it impossible to plug a cable into the USB port without the daughterboard rotating inside the case.
  3. Your explanation of “That will take a week and I can’t wait” is BS. People who purchase keyboards via group buy don’t care about waiting an extra week if it means their keyboard will ship without defects.

Photo of the daughterboard flex (see left screw): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pYL1aK6CEJna7fiEdCDauMUwP3mDCIYB/view?usp=sharing

Once again, I’m sorry for the trouble caused to you. I have a basic understanding of the questions you raised. I want to know what I can do for you. I may not be able to give you any more technical guidanc

Really, at this point I just want quiet stabilizers. The ones the keyboard came with make me not want to use it due to the loud clacks from the stabilized keys. It would also be nice if we could order stabilizers from your store in case the ones we have ever need to be replaced. If you’re going to design proprietary parts that can’t be swapped out with parts from other brands, make it easy for people to buy extras from you.

I don’t expect to receive a replacement for the case bottom at this point, but when I ordered my keyboard I expected better quality control. When you charge about $400 for a keyboard, people at least expect its screw holes to be properly aligned. Please take that into consideration when selling this next round of keyboards. Also, when you use a forum to advertise a group buy, and people who bought your product are in that forum post collectively pointing out issues they’re having with your product, please check in with them, don’t disappear. Don’t assume they’ll all email you to restate the problems that they’re already putting in the comments of your post.

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Ok, but it is indeed the first time that feedback about the screwhole irregularities. The new aluminum shell will be equipped with copper sockets to ensure the screw holes are not deviated and the teeth slide. I’ll send you a private message asking for your address to send you stabilizers,thanks for your always trust.

Big brain move. I love it

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for more information,pls visit https://discord.gg/fBfnrDWhZg

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